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Sorry,wrong number.

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Two things. I have been getting text messages for a while now like, ” Do you want to work this weekend? ” “Team meeting, be sure to be there.” Little things like that. The messages are  so sporadic that I have never thought to answer them or send a message back to say it’s the wrong number. I probably should have.

My partner just walked in to the room and said to me ” I am so sick of you not turning up for work”. I was like “Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” He tells me that I really should get to work because my boss really needs to talk to me. Another not-for-me work message and 9 voice mails later…I think I should definitely send that wrong number message now before someone gets in trouble. This reminds me of something that happened about 10 years ago. Partner and I tucked up in bed, it’s late and my mobile rings. The same guy called every Friday night for four months after a big session at the pub, believing I was his ex-girlfriend Gloria. My partner even answered my phone one night and told him politely to stop calling ( ok, he really didn’t, it was brutal) and the guy just kept saying ” I want to talk to Gloria, I know she’s there I can hear her.” What he could actually hear was me rolling on the bed in fits of laughter because it had progressed way beyond a joke and heck, when you’ve been woken up at 1am and your man is cursing some drunk on the phone, giving you  dagger eyes ( it’s not my fault!) and looking so frustrated it’s kind of, well, funny. What else can you do. I really hope that man found Gloria because I got a new number after that.

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I bet there are some funny stories out there about wrong number calls. I have plenty of them. Do you? Please tell!

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