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Random words from my six year old

As I have written before, my children say the oddest things. I am sure they are not alone. Many a parent can spout a variety of giggle-inducing quotes from their young babes’

mouths. The things my children say are funny but, they are also very…well, odd. I often wonder what goes on upstairs. Just now, we have been playing with Ash, our pet Rainbow Lorikeet who, at this very moment is sitting on my shoulder trying to nibble my neck/collar/nose ring/ earrings and quite frustrated with being shooed away. Ash has just spent some time with Master 6 who emphatically announced, “I just let him pick the plaque off my teeth because I thought he was hungry”. Like I said. Odd.

Rainbow Lorikeet QLD

A battle is going to erupt in a moment, if I don’t let this bird nibble something on my person. I think he is hungry.

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