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Honey, I lost the car.

My partner had a job interview today and he lost the car.

I know that he parked the car in a massive car park. I know he was focused on his interview.

I know he was in a rush but lost the car? Really? The phone call kind of went like this:

Him: “Hi honey”.

Me:” Hey babe, where are you?”

Him: “I’m still in the city.”

Me”What? Why?”

Him: Pause…”Honey, I lost the car”

Me: “Huh? You what? How the hell did you lose the car? Did someone steal it?”

Him: “No! I forgot where I parked it. Do you have any idea how big this place is? ”

Me: Pause. Uncontrollable laughter. Regain composure.

Him: “It’s not funny. Stop laughing. Hey.Cut it out.”

Me: ” I’m sorry but….you lost the car?” Uncontrollable laughter.

Conversation didn’t last much longer. Beat police provided an escort and helped my man find his car and he arrived home about 4 hours late. Now, my partner is not the kind of person who asks for directions or help. If his GPS can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. He is not the kind of person who loses things. Especially a car.

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