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2011: A strange odyssey

The canvas that is Master 6
English: A variety of Sharpie-brand markers. A...

Is nothing sacred?

Question dog

There are often some strange happenings  in our home. You never know from one day to the next what may occur.

As 2011 draws to a close I thought I might do a year in review post  based on the totally odd awesome day-to-day goings on in our madhouse home sweet home. Before I begin let me first refer to the above photo.

Master 6 came to me one evening sporting his new look courtesy of a visiting friend who is now banned from our home until further notice. Yes, very creative and yes, it was permanent marker.

There was no end to it

My husband went on a label tirade and labelled anything and everything in sight. The Princesses’ birthday was no exception.

Yes, really he did

Red’s girlfriend thought it would be funny to plait his hair and put her flower in it. He also wore her skirt and went to the shops like this.  I know, I did warn you. It’s OK, you don’t have to read on. You can stop here.

There was a really annoying e on TV for pay TV with the slogan ‘Happy EOFYS’ ( end of financial year sale) and it was driving me nuts. The kids really wanted pay TV and along with their father decided to plaster the house in pay TV brochures…I mean EVERYWHERE conceivable. Where they got that many from I have no idea. Every time I opened a drawer, the fridge, under my pillow, on the stove there they were. We still do not have pay TV nor will we have it. Serves them right.

For the love of...not another one. How??? Why???

Every time I checked my photo gallery, there seemed to be a photo like this. I blame The Princess. How does this happen? Why does this happen? Photos of my Iphone screen.

I think the song went '...and a pink carnation' not a pink bow tie

Bieber dared his father to buy him a pink bow tie if he could find one (he did)  and he’d wear it to Graduation (he did).

Master of the funny faces

Master 6 was the master of the funny face this year. It seems in every photo I tried to take of him, there he would be pulling yet another face.

...and again

Like this

Or he would just ‘appear’ in photos like this ^.

Bieber was woken up on Christmas Day by an Air Horn. Nothing unusual in this house. Could have been worse. He didn’t think so. His father was not very popular at the time.

There have been paintball fights, rubber band fights, food fights, water fights and Wrestlemania. Some of it has been outside. I will now wish you a premature Happy New Year because you never know what the next 48 hours will bring here. There has been talk of confetti guns.

Before you go thinking that this would be a great place to visit, consider this…the food is a little weird. I will leave you with this…

We have had some unusual concoctions in the kitchen this year…

Blue question mark



Bubble thingy

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