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That’s just nuts!

I know that I have blogged a lot about how crazy this household can get at times. Today was no different. Well, it was a little odd  weird  awkward this afternoon because of a conversation that just kind of evolved from nothing. Have you ever  listened to a conversation that you know you shouldn’t be privy to? Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know if you even wanted to be part of  the conversation? Right, then. You will understand the following.

We have been very happy to have Red’s old high school buddy visiting for the last three weeks from Utah. Grady left for the US in December, 2009 to live with his father and go to college and we haven’t seen him in two years, so this has been really exciting for us. Grady was part of the family and a resident on my couch for a year due to erm…let’s just say unstable home conditions. As you all know, to live in this house takes just the right amount of crazy and a good sense of humour. Grady excels in both.

I was just happily sitting here this afternoon reading away with the usual people coming and going around me until one conversation began which caused my ears to prick up like the Easter Bunny on steroids. I am not sure how the topic came up but all of a sudden there it was: nuts. I am not talking the Nobby’s kind either.

All of a sudden I realised I was outnumbered, being the only female in the room and feeling rather awkward. I could not contribute to a conversation like that. I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to be in the conversation but, it all seemed directed at me. Like I needed an education. I have no idea.

With Grady sitting on the couch, Bieber in the kitchen and my husband at the table here is how it all unfolded:

Grady: Remember when I hit Bieber in the balls with the tennis ball?

Bieber: Oh yeah God that hurt

Grady: Well, you were betting me I couldn’t hit you

Bieber: Well, I didn’t know you had such a good aim you [expletive]

Brief discussion about the gore in the film Immortals and then more talk about nuts.Everybody looking at me, explaining the excruciating pain that ensues.

Me: I am sorry, I cannot sympathise with you for obvious reasons.

Grady: It’s like…starts in your stomach and travels up and…heartburn…nausea…

Bieber: Like having a baby Mum I bet,   [insert female anatomy comment] (I forgive him, he’s 12)

Me: You think?

Bieber: Oh right, you wouldn’t know, you had a c-section (Not forgiven)

Me: Thank goodness, we thought we were having a bowling ball for a baby

/denied and dismissed



You’ll never guess what I got you for Christmas


This  week, while searching for some gift-giving inspiration, I came across some useless, unusual, funny and just downright odd gifts for Christmas. We all have hard to please/got everything people in our lives which makes gift sourcing a challenge. I am here to help.  Here are a few of my finds:

Wasabi lip balm

For all the lip balm lovers out there. The gift that will ensure your recipient curses remembers you for this very  unusual gift. I wonder how hot it would be.

Indoor fireworks

For the person in your life that can’t seem to  do enough damage  get enough out of the outdoor variety. Would be useful for colder climates, on the days that limit your entertainment to the indoors. I would recommend  for homes with high ceilings and plenty of space? Actually, I don’t  recommend them at all (please see disclaimer).

Inflatable cactus

This would be a great gift for those that kill plants, can’t have plants or miss their desert home. The beauty of this gift is that it is maintenance -free and only requires plenty of hot air at the beginning. You inflate it then leave it.  I know lots of people like that.

Vomiting man pen holder

It’s practical, it’s funny and it’s pink. What’s not to love?


Puppy  Tweets

Come on! This is adorable and thoughtful. A gift for the pet -obsessed person in your life.  Who wouldn’t like to get a tweet from their dog?


Nose soap dispenser

Another practical, funny gift. I would give this gift with green- coloured liquid soap to maintain authenticity. A wonderful addition to any modern bathroom. Your gift will be the talking point of any Christmas party.



It’s stylish, it’s practical and it’s safe. Hands -free talking for the cell phone enthusiast. Giving this gift says “I love you and I want you to be safe”. Not practical for texting – but you shouldn’t be texting and driving anyway!


The Knork

Sounds cool huh? It’s a  fork and knife in one. Give a set. I can see this becoming a popular verb as in “Have you knorked today?” or “I’d love to knork that piece of fruit”. Really, I can.



The Peekaru

I have to admit this kind of creeped me out at first but, I can see the practicalities of this gift. It’s stylish and useful for those cold days out with baby. It also provides a bonding experience between mother and child and will be the envy of all passers-by. A great gift for all the fashion conscious attention seekers living in cold climates.


The giggling Mona Lisa Pillow

A great gift for all the art lovers in your life. She giggles when you squeeze her. It ‘s soft, it’s clever and it’s ironic.



That wraps up (pardon the pun) this post for today. I hope I have given you some ideas for the hard to please person in your life. Merry Christmas.


Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure that accurate information is provided on this site, I make no representation about the quality of these products. In no event shall I be liable for loss of limbs, damage to property, loss of friendship, psychological or emotional problems that may arise from the provision of this information.


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