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I would just love to put your family in Canada.

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A conversation with my Canadian friend this morning delivered this unusual albeit hilariously funny snippet of banter:¬† “I would just love to put your family in Canada at the moment and see how you all fare” followed by an evil giggle. Now, don’t get me wrong. I adore this friend and enjoy learning all about where she lives which is reciprocal I might add however, at the moment Edmonton, Alberta is experiencing -29 degrees c with some ridiculous¬† wind chill factor which I guess would make it about -39 degrees c and I live in Queensland, Australia.

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I have never had a white Christmas. We swelter, swim and eat seafood and salad not turkey and pudding at Christmas. I have only ever seen snow when I was in Orange, NSW and it was just  a poor excuse for snow, really. I have never been skiing. I have never travelled overseas. Yeah! Put the inexperienced Aussie chick in Canada in the middle of winter? I have an idea. Come here to sunny Queesnsland. Right now. Our summer. That will sort you out. Love ya K x

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