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Are you listening to me?

"Look who's listening" - NARA - 514907

I think I am a good listener. In fact I might even go as far as to say I am a great listener. However, there are some times when I would like a pair of these:

Too much?

I would also call these the “Lalalalalala” earplugs.


I think the earplugs would come inĀ  handy for these situations:

  • Red’s sarcastic attacks
  • Children fighting… over a hair (yes it has happened, remind me to post about that one!)
  • My ten minutes of peace and quiet soaking in the bath
  • Any sentence that begins with ‘Muuuuuuuuum’

Have you ever told your children that you’re changing your name? My mother used to say that a lot when we were teenagers and I thought back then: what a terrible thing to say. Today, I would say, smart woman! I so get that.

I’m thinking these earplugs would be the perfect accessory to wear for this question: “Mum, why aren’t you listening to me?”



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