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The Jace Face

Our children can say the funniest things. They also have some great expressions. My all time favourite is The Jace Face.

When Master 6 was a toddler, he began to make the funniest, laugh-until-you-cry face I have ever seen. If you don’t believe me see below:

This wasn’t a face made in reaction to anything or out of frustration. He would just pull it out for any old reason. Oh, but this boy is smart. He soon cottoned on to the entertainment value that making this face would produce. Our cries of “Make the face” would soon be met with utter disdain and there was no way he was performing on demand for anybody.

A family of face-pullers we are. Yet, nothing compares to The Jace Face. Even today, at 6, he will just appear in a photo with a knee-dropping, chortle-inspiring unique face from his never-ending repertoire. My comedic child. Even with a face- full of food.

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