thought overload


Well , you asked !!!

Mother, writer, partner,loves to read, artist, worry-wart, over-thinker, MM, secret-keeper, faithful, slightly deranged, likes dark humour, won’t suffer fools gladly but will gladly be one, affectionate but careful. I can cook, probably about as well as I can talk..which is in fits and bursts.

Mother to Red 19 year old second year at Uni, my total opposite, Maths/Physics student, Gamer , conversations between he and I are often explosive.

Step-mother to Lizzel tha Biffel also 19 year old tear-away, where is she now? Gah !

Mother to Bieber the 12 year old pubescent boy, if popularity was an academic subject he would top the class….so glad he is bright else it would be most painful.Also a gamer.

Mother to the Princess, 10 year old…organizational skills surpass mine, lost something? ask her ! ( she probably took it ) Bossy, artistic, affectionate. LOUD.

Mother to Master 5, now 6. While he is the “baby” of the family by no means is he overlooked. Affectionate, so bright it scares me. Hilarious. Talker. Sense of humour that is better than some adults I encounter. Not much phases this boy.

Gecko Dog Great Dane X Neurotic, don’t let size fool you

Cosmo Maltese X puppy … Cute, still working him out

Cat..Riley he’s a lean mean jelly bean…you never know what you’re getting with him

Cat…Lucky ( ginger) affectionate, hand reared by The Princess and I’m sure he thinks he’s a dog

Turtle…Squirt..also dubbed Turty…into home renovations atm

Busy, loud household…it is Days Of Our Lives meets Dexter. Oh dear, did I say too much?

Well, you did ask.

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  1. “Well , you asked !!!”

    Yes, I did 🙂 and thanks.

  2. ‘Slightly deranged’ and enjoys ‘dark humor’. My kind of gal!

  3. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award!

  4. Great to meet you and your family – sounds like a busy household you have there!

  5. I am giving you the 7 x 7 link award. It’s kind of like a bloggers chain letter. But I like you and want people to read you too. Here’s more about it.

  6. Thanks for the follow! Your blog looks great, I am now following and will have a good read through later. 🙂

  7. Hello and good day,
    I have nominated you for the 7 x 7 Link Award. Check it out here >
    Happy New Year,

  8. Thanks for liking my blog. You sound like one busy mama. Best, Vicky

  9. Ohhh, I think I’m gonna love it here! Hey, thanks for the visit and I think you may have some of my kids!?( Especially the 1O year old gamer!) 🙂

  10. They are in My Own Private Mind…They are to Stay Out of “Your” Head. Love it! -amanda

  11. I’ve finally gotten around to passing on the 7 x 7 award and as another one – The One Lovely Blog Award found my way to me I wanted to pass it on to you. I hope your happy with the link I’ve posted to your blog – you can find it here – Congrats!

  12. Thanks for the follow……..and for leading me here….just my cup of tea!! I’ll be following with interest….

  13. […] Vix’s blog is punchy and keeps you laughing and on your toes She blogs about her household and the craziness indoors Now Vix’s blog comes with a warning, don’t read when drinking tea You’ll laugh and it’ll come down your nose or land right on your knee. […]

  14. lostupabove said:

    Thank you for following my blog? Yours seems very interesting too? I’ll be back soon?

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