thought overload

It has been 38 days since my last confession.

There have been drastic changes here at Chez Vix, the biggest one is the return of two family members. My daughter and new

granddaughter have moved in with us. They came for a visit and decided not to leave and I am overjoyed.

I like being a ‘hands on’ Nanna although, it presents a new set of challenges. We also decided to move The Princess to high

school as we felt she had outgrown primary and she is doing much better, more challenged and in her own words ‘it’s fun’.

I have just started a new semester at Uni and in a moment of what I can only call ‘unhinged’, decided that I would tackle two units. There are others doing three. I would like to fast track my degree but I fear I would end in a blathering mess, so for now, two will suffice.

How are you all out there? How are you managing the stress in your life? A lovely blogging friend of mine wrote a great post that I think you should check out:

Maturestudenthanginginthere   What colour is your parachute?


My motivation right here!


Comments on: "Forgive me WordPress, for I have sinned…" (18)

  1. Was wondering were you had been – thought you must have been busy with other stuff. Stress? Handling it? Not sure I do – does laughing hysterically count as a coping mechanism? I seem to find myself often laughing because the only other alternative is weeping for hours on end.

    • It has been quite a time here Janine. Yes, lauging hysterically is the way to go. That old saying…if you didn’t laugh you’d cry is my motto around here. Good to see you again.


  2. I missed you but seems you have had a lot going on. What with Uni and now you are a hands on Nanna too, I don’t know where you find the time – but I know you will cope!
    Enjoy your precious granddaughter!

    • I have missed you too Barb. You are not kidding there. I don’t know how either, to be honest…we’re just taking each day as it comes. Oh, thank you, I certainly am!

  3. hey long lost, have had trouble gettong through to you. Call me??? Hope boys had good birthdays, got a ton of stuff to post to you, whirlwind start to year. i do the national partnership trust now working with readers from grade 1 to 3 its fun!!! talk soon xxxx

    • Don’t know why…phone is working. I have been running around like a nut this past month. Could have emailed me instead of writing on my blog ya nut !!!

  4. You are very busy, Vixy! Good luck with uni, and congrats on the family moving back in.

  5. Great to have you back! I understand your absence!

  6. Glad you are back.

  7. I pretty much let almost the entire month of February slide by on my blog. Totally understandable. How is it that life always gets in the way?

  8. Hello there. Just popped in to say I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You can find the details at this link.

  9. Candida Abrahamson PhD said:

    Enjoy your two new femmes. What an exciting and beautiful change in your life. Candida

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