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I don’t know what you call it. The Universe reaching out to me. My subconscious rising to meet me. My state of being forcing me to make connections. Fellow like -minded bloggers in the exact same state of thought. Whatever it is, something seems to be happening this week even if I can’t manage a tangible description for it. I will try and explain.

Firstly, my dear blogging friend MJ Monaghan posted a poem titled A Minute which really ‘spoke’ to me. Check it out. In fact check out everything  on his blog- he is hilarious and so well- written.

My new blogging friend Jacqueline at maturestudenthanginginthere wrote a post about The Important Little Dash, the time that we spend here on earth, the quality of our time and our defining moments – the dash, the little line between the dates that signify our birth and departure from this world. The bits that matter. Jacqueline cites the poem called The Dash by Linda Ellis and there is a great video of it on her post. I urge you all to take a look. You will really enjoy reading through this blog as Jacqueline is very funny and you feel like pulling up a seat, cuppa in hand and relaxing, her writing style is that natural- like a conversation with a good friend.

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Make one of these then settle in

Lastly, the post on Gently Hew Stone about Managing time when you don’t have much left absolutely caused me to sit up and take notice. This post contains the last lecture given by Randy Pausch (called Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams), a Carnegie Mellon University professor who died of pancreatic cancer in July, 2008. He was only 47.  I bet his ‘dash’ was and is incredible!  What an amazing man. The video is over an hour long but well worth the ‘time’ for it’s humour, strategies for time management and provoking ideas.
Dr. Randy Pausch

(Image via Wikipedia) Randy Pausch

I have just found Jamie Huston’s blog and his About page is a really good read. Jamie writes on topics from art to politics, education to humour. I really liked the post Why I Never Bothered Finishing Eragon which led me to his blog.

There was also this…Lift others up  and ‘I get knocked down,but I get up again…’ at Light and Spirit thank you Lindsay, you inspired me 🙂

What have I gathered from all this? Work on my dash, mind the minutes and live  each day like it’s your last because you don’t know when it will be. Time is something we can never get back once it’s gone and those defining moments are what make us. It has been a week of stress, bewilderment, feeling lost, lacking direction and drive. Some really low moments. There was also inspiration and humbling moments. Things to remind me of what I do have and give me an alternative perspective.

I also watched the video tagged Are You Going To Finish Strong? – best motivational video…EVER (Nick Vujicic) also check out No Arms, No Legs, No Worries! boy, that gave me perspective.

English: Nick Vujicic at Catalyst West, April 2009

(Image via Wikipedia) Nick Vujicic ‘Something More’ by Nick Vujicic.














This is possibly the most rambling, all-over-the-place post I have produced to date but then, that kinda reflects my state of mind at the moment. I’m ok with that.

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Comments on: "Hello? Is somebody out there? Universe?" (14)

  1. Thank you so much for the link back to my blog and your lovely comments. I sit here in my mismatched pjs, hair a mess, wearing husband’s reading glasses because I can’t find mine but feeling like grand, basking in the glow of all the nice things you said about my writing!

    I saw the No Arms, No Legs, Now Worries video during the week – absolutely amazing. Off now to make another cuppa and check out the links to other blogs/reading you kindly posted.

    • My pleasure and now you understand why I had a cry when reading your post. I totally relate to the mismatched pyjamas, messy hair and instead of glasses, I wear my husband’s shoes because I can’t find mine 🙂 In fact, I met my new neighbour wearing nothing but a dressing gown and my husband’s slip on shoes that are miles too big for me! I had to make a mad dash to get the overflowing bin out because the truck had been past and was swinging back around to do the other side of the road. There I was, just woken up, bedhair flapping wildly, awkward clown feet and trying to wheel a heavy bin navigating grass, road and gutters while holding on to my dignity by keeping my dressing gown firmly together with the other hand( we still laugh about it three years later). Ermmm, what was I saying? Ahhh…yes, I was having some moments of indecision, questioning my direction, contributions, perspectives, reasoning, values and my relationships…and then I read your blog post. I realised that what I was trying to put a tangible description to was in fact ‘my dash’. Your description of a defining moment in your life also bore weight with my internal struggle. I have just become a Nanna too and, this has caused me to reconsider and replan. It has also caused me to see myself in a different role and light. I was really beginning to feel melancholy and sorry for myself. I love that video and I’m glad you’ve seen it. There is nothing that a good dose of ‘humbling’ and ice cream cannot fix.

  2. I sat at my keyboard for about twenty minutes trying to think of an intelligent way to comment – but frankly I’m just too overwhelmed. So I’ll just say, “thank you.”

  3. Living mindfully is difficult, but it’s what you’re talking about. By paying attention, time doesn’t slip by unnoticed. By living in this moment (and not dwelling in the past or the future), we can appreciate life more fully. It’s a simple idea but complicated to implement in this chaotic world.

    Slowing down is a start… 🙂

  4. First of all, Vixy, thank you so much for thinking that my post deserves to be in the company of those mentioned. Secondly, this is your best post, and you’ve had some really good ones! You tied all these random posts and videos together perfectly. And your clarity with living fully is so well-framed in your post.

    Lastly, it was great to see you mention Nick. I’ve had the absolute privilege of seeing him live, twice at our church here in California. He was amazing and so inspirational!

    • Well, now I’m happy. Your blog is a second home for my brain 🙂 and it is well-deserving to be in my post. The Minute just hit the nail on the head for me. Bazinga…and there it was ( oh, how I love Sheldon from BBT).
      Thank you for these words MJ because I thought it was the most rambling post I have ever written and yet, here you write that I tied it all in perfectly ( perhaps my synthesising abilities have survived my erratic thoughts!) and it is my best. Wow. Thank you SO much.
      I am so happy to hear you have seen Nick twice!!! That is awesome. I watch him and it’s like…everything is OK, I feel at peace, he has such a way and such an effect. You, my friend, have made my day 🙂

  5. Jane Thorne said:

    Hi I found your blog through a comment made on Eric Alagan’s lovely blog and I am so glad I did.

    I love this post and the only words I can find to say are ‘you have no idea how timely and meaningful it has been’…..I have followed all the links and a great big heartfelt thank you to you from me….you have helped me more than you could know x

    • I am so glad. This is why I posted this. It was hard to write but, I felt that I had to after other blogs had done the same for me. My pleasure Jane 🙂

  6. I love these kinds of coincidences.

  7. The most important part was that you were listening. Thank you for sharing; it is a heart-felt post, not rambling at all.

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