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This looks about right


I am not very good at managing stress. Actually, I will rephrase that. I am not very consistent with managing stress.


Some days I am right on top of it like a cherry on a sundae. Other days I am the cherry that slides off , falls on the floor and gets squished in to the ground. Ok, maybe not that dramatic but, you get the picture.


Today was a mix of both. I am totally on top of all my Uni work. Two assignments due within two days of each other all but finished. The product of 6 weeks of research, synthesis and write-up. All done with children at home for school holidays, over the Christmas/New Year period and husband working crazy shifts for the last four weeks. However, the children were running around the house like feral animals, the ironing basket is overflowing and Master 6 had no clothes in his drawers. Again. My husband came home from the store to announce there were  no mushrooms (Bieber rejoiced) and no bread left either except for ‘disgusting multigrain’ (I rejoiced). I also forgot to tell him we are out of dog food. The Princess came running down the stairs screaming that she found ‘something in her hair’. Quick, look Mum. You’re not looking. No, I’m trying to cook dinner. What is it? Muuuuuuuum.  I did, however manage to get quite a nice meal on the table. No mushrooms, but delicious nonetheless. I have absolutely no idea how I did it but, it involved a lot of tears and cries of ‘Why can’t you just listen/help me/do as you’re told/stop pummeling your brother and get in the bath/shower/get off the computer and set the table’. At one stage I had to pry Master 6 off his father who was play-mocking him right before I was trying to serve up dinner. I sure hope my husband had his Father Shield on because he was the target of ‘I hate you’ this evening. I burnt the pasta. I really, truly cried as I stood there, stirring the spaghetti sauce.


This sums it up nicely at the moment

Master 6 refused to go to bed, citing the reason as being the strange noises coming from his bedroom (we have a resident possum who makes the most God-awful noises at night and sets the dogs off barking). He also double checked every door in the house and scoffed at me when I told him I had used monster spray in all the rooms. There is no such thing Mum, you’re silly. He continued to wander from room to room to see if anyone was willing to have a sleep-over tonight. I won.


I managed to knock the set top box off the stand. Bieber did well, dropping the medicine box not once, but twice. This was  in addition to Master 6 breaking yet another plate, spilling his drink all over the floor and his breakfast off the bench.


The Princess tripped over and fell up the stairs, gaining momentum and landing with her head just inside the front door.


Ever had one of those days? I had yours and mine today.


Things I learned about today:


  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with toast for dinner two nights running
  • The ironing is breeding
  • You have to physically walk up the stairs and put clothes in the drawers, unfortunately they don’t get there by themselves ( Master 6 learned this too)
  • I should cook all the meals for the week in one day and freeze them, then I can just have one day of crazy and defrost and reheat blissfully for the rest of the week
  • There is no such thing as a SuperWoman
  • You can’t have: it both ways, your cake and eat it too, sanity in school holidays
  • Everybody in this house is nuts (including me)
  • We all need to get out, A lot.
  • I need a plan. I do not like plans but, I need one.
  • The Princess is a drama queen (alright, I already knew that) and
  • Cry loudly-people stop, look, listen and help or at least feel sorry for you



I did manage to sneak a few moments of sanity when my Canadian friend called me this morning. We chatted as I sat out on the back deck with my coffee. She always knows what to say and helps me gain perspective.


Thank goodness for friends



I took a deep breath this evening and looked at the the floor that needs mopping and the pile of laundry making faces at me. I haven’t taken the Christmas Tree down yet ( my Mother would have been saying that is bad luck). I need to go grocery shopping too. I decided it can all wait until the morning. I’m going out for ice cream.


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Comments on: "Managing stress the Vixy way" (13)

  1. I’m totally with you on #s1 (toast for dinner – yay!) and #5 (no SuperWoman) – both of these are myths you have well and truly disposed of here. What a day.

    • Thanks ep girl. It most certainly was. I love it when my announcement of ‘Let’s just have toast tonight’ is received well. SuperWoman…blech, what a crock.

  2. Gee whiz it’s like we live the same lives. Superwoman – god I hate that woman. Vary the toppings on the toast each night then they can’t say they don’t get variety. Well done on getting the uni stuff done that’s a huge achievement – I’ve finally (after starting two TAFE/Community College and dropping out) realised I can’t do any further study at the moment). I did my degree with one baby and that was hard enough I can’t imagine doing it with more – you are brilliant. Hope today is a better day.

    • After reading several of your posts I have come to the same conclusion Janine. I had a chuckle about the variety in toast toppings, that was seriously considered when I burnt the pasta but then I remembered we only had multigrain bread. I could not have dealt with ‘Yuk, I’m not eating that ‘on top of everything else. Thanks for your encouraging words. I totally understand what you mean. I gained my Certificate III in childcare when I had two children under three and two 10 year olds as well as working full time.. Not an easy experience. I did not finish my Diploma ( which I began before I fell pregnant with Master 6) and now felt the overwhelming need to skip right beyond that and go straight for gold. Why I do these things is beyond my own comprehension. I have made a plan and am dropping back to one subject for next semester. Today was a much better day, thank you. Congratulations on getting your degree as well as managing a baby. It’s a unique blend of magic, comedy and circus act . I am still not a good juggler.

  3. In spite of everything, you are on top of your Uni work and that is BRILLIANT! Be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back! I don’t know how you do it but you always get through your very busy and ‘interesting’ days with the family!
    Toast is good for dinner – and cereal – they are regular meals at our house!

    • Thank you so much Barb. I had a huge smile on my face when I read your reply. What lovely, encouraging, supportive words. I don’t know how I do it either. No matter how much I reflect on my days and determine that I will change things, it never happens because this life of mine is a rollercoaster and I accept it at that. What’s not to love about toast? Cereal is great too. My husband snacks on it when I haven’t done the grocery shopping/baked or cooked a meal. Master 6 refers to all cereal as ‘breakfast’ and you cannot have breakfast for dinner Mum. Think again son. Observe your father and learn.

  4. Everything’s better with ice cream. Tomorrow is another day, my friend!

  5. Do you think ice cream might also help if you’re behind with Uni assignments? Heeeellllllp!

    • Oh J….most definitely! Well, it might not catch you up but it will make you feel better. I know how you feel, just handed in two assignments within one day of each other and catching up on course work now. Two assignments due in another four weeks. Arghhhh…off to Baskin Robbins I go!

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  7. “I should cook all the meals for the week in one day and freeze them, then I can just have one day of crazy and defrost and reheat blissfully for the rest of the week”

    My daughter in Uni does the same thing.

    All the very best, Eric

  8. Great post! Wishing you a stress-free life and more! 🙂

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