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Put on your Mother Shield


Today was one of those days.  If ever I needed my mother shield it was today.

What, I hear you ask, is a mother shield?  My Mother Shield is that little invisible force field that fends off

all the awful things that my children say from time to time when they don’t have the words to vocalise how they feel or what is upsetting them and it just comes out like a diatribe.

Here are some of the things my mother shield has had to deflect today and the proper translations:

  • Mum, I hate you…… Mum, I am so angry with you
  • You’re so mean…….I am angry that you won’t let me play with my remote control car outside in the street when it’s dark
  • I’m not ever going to cuddle you again, EVER………I am upset now and need to calm down
  • You are the worst mother ever……….Why can’t I stay up late when I am rubbing my eyes, whining and can barely stand up?
  • I’m finding another Mummy………Please see previous attack
  • You never play with me anymore, you should leave………I would really like  you to play with me like we did yesterday. Right now.
  • Why don’t you just find another little boy to be mean to……….Again, the remote control car issue ( see previous)
  • You don’t understand me, go away……..I’m really upset that you’re not taking my side and you should really be speaking to The Princess now about what SHE did
  • You never listen to me, EVER……..(See previous)
  • I don’t want you, I want Daddy…………Maybe if I ask Dad, HE will let me

Sometimes these little attacks do chip away at my Mother Shield and I have to hide my face away for a little tear. Some days I hide to giggle. It all depends on how stressed I am or what is happening at the time.

You see, I must have my Mother Shield on….because I shed all the Mother Guilt and I need something to absorb all those angry words floating around out there.



Comments on: "Put on your Mother Shield" (15)

  1. As they say, parenting isn’t for cowards. Sometimes it is a battle, and a mother shield is a great idea. Hope today is a truce day. : )

  2. My mom must have a very strong “mother shield”; she managed to raise four feisty (often ungrateful) fiends.

    This gives a whole different perspective to the emotional stress moms go through.

  3. A mother shield sounds like a great idea – I’m off to see if I can find mine and I’m going to make sure I wear it every day from now on. 😉

  4. hey! I forwarded you the versatile blogger award. hope u like it ! Check it out here:

  5. Love the concept of a “mother shield”. I have been on the receiving end of some of those “attacks” and must admit, reacted badly … now I can visualize having a mother shield and hopefully be able to just stand there and be the adult 🙂 Thanks for sharing… have yourself a nice day now!

  6. Where can I get one of these? lol. I love the translations. Excellent work.

  7. I’ll lend you mine, it has done it’s fair share of work lately 😉 Thanks a bunch, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  8. […] Put on your Mother Shield […]

  9. Glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find yours. Oh, have I been there done that. How can something so exhausting be so fullfilling. My youngest is 17–but I had some very raw feelings days in the not very distant past. I think I will try your 7×7, I am new at this, but it will be a great way to find fun and funny blogs.

  10. So glad you stopped by! Welcome 🙂 Enjoy the 7×7… great blogs there and lovely people. Have fun blogging!

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