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Eddie the rainbow lorikeet

Meet Eddie, the rainbow lorikeet that had the misfortune of being hit by a car, bouncing off it and then being hit a second time by my husband’s ute. My husband rescued him just before Christmas  and we thought he wouldn’t make it after being hit twice then surviving a hot car until my husband finished his shift at work. If ever there was a bird that deserved to live – then it’s Eddie. Here he is two weeks later and refuses to leave the cage thank you very much but I’m fine here.The children have tried two unsuccessful releases. We will try again in a few days.

Failed release attempt No. 1

      Our family has quite a tradition of rescuing animals. My sister started it with

      rescuing joeys from injured kangaroo mother’s pouches. My children grew up

      with that joey. Next was a wedge tailed eagle that she made a stand for  and

      hand fed.

Wedge tailed eagle in flight03

Wedge tailed eagle in flight

Dizzy Lizzy rescued a baby possum whose mother had been killed and nursed it

before handing it to WIRES. The Princess rescued a kitten and reared him when

 he was 4 days old, his eyes weren’t even open properly. He had been dumped byThe common Brush tailed possum Trichosurus vul...

 the mother and forgotten, probably when she was trying to move her entire litter

to safety.  “Lucky” is still with us today. Cosmo is also a foundling ( and some days

he is so naughty I wish someone else would find him!)  discovered as a puppy,wandering  through traffic. Many “found” posters later and he is still with us.

We have rescued a water dragon, a Shingleback  lizard ( Red called him Komodo) and a baby pigeon called Cheapa who fell from the nest and was abandoned by his parents. I couldn’t read a newspaper or use my computer without his curious pecking.

Shingleback <i>Tiliqua rugosa</i>

Shingleback Image via Flickr

I am so glad that my children care about and care for animals. I was looking for Ash ( our resident baby lorikeet) the other day as his cage was empty. I should have known better. I needn’t have worried. For there, under Bieber’s arm was the little green baby lorikeet, fast asleep.


Comments on: "Our unofficial Christmas present" (4)

  1. You and your family have rescued so many (to me) unusual animals. You have raised enough animals for a small zoo, and you must have learned a lot about each one. Very interesting.

    • I have often told people that we have a small menagerie here! We have definitely learned a lot of different facts about our Australian wildlife. My other sister just reminded me today of the echidna we rescued once. It was sitting in the middle of the road and would definitely have been hit by a car had we left it there. Moving an echidna is no easy task!!!. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love that you are a family of animal rescuers, no matter what they are! We have helped a few over the years and it’s such a good feeling to be able to do that. We tried to help a sick lorikeet once (don’t know what happened to him, he wouldn’t fly and was waddling around on our porch), but he died after 3 days.

    • That is wonderful Barb and it is such a good feeling. Poor lorikeet. The first few days are crucial, especially for birds. I wonder what was wrong with him? We once rescued a lorikeet after spying him in a park trying to ‘hop’ up a tree trunk. He was caged for three weeks until he could fly again and we finally released him. Sadly, we have had our share of unsuccessful rescues which has been hard on the children but given them so many life lessons and emotional resilience in return. Thanks for stopping by.

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