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You may have guessed from my posts that there are some unusual goings on in my home. I never know how many will be here for dinner from one day to the next (there were 9 tonight) but there is plenty of laughter and loud conversation because everyone tries to outdo each other.

Tonight, however, there is a tent in my living room…and it’s not the first time!

The Princess had a friend sleep over tonight after much begging, sweet note-writing and promises of help. I would have let her anyway but I’m not going to forgo the attention, the love and the help. Currently the girls are sound asleep with all the essentials – sleeping bags, torch and boy-proof wishes.

The last time a tent was erected in my living room, it was a little like this… I was in labour with the now Master 6 and The Princess and Bieber were entrusted into the care of a close friend while we made our way to the hospital. Our friend didn’t even bat an eyelid when she walked quietly into our house at 4am to find the aforementioned babes sound sleep in a tent in the living room. She knew us well. The Princess and Bieber must have had a sense that something was going to happen. They begged Dad to put up the tent earlier, perhaps needing to feel secure.  And there it was in all it’s glory – a big, red tent. The children had dragged in books, games, cuddly toys, torches and snacks. When Master 6 was old enough to understand, his older siblings would tell him that the night he was born they were camping.

I guess, seeing the tent in the living room tonight has been my gift. The girls have had a lot of fun but for me, seeing this big, blue domed thing in the middle of my living room has swept me back instantly. This is particularly significant with The Princess becoming a senior at Primary school and Bieber starting high school in 2012.

They’re growing up.



Comments on: "There’s a tent in my living room" (8)

  1. My mom used to make sheet-tents with me. We’d start by spreading one out and tying it to the dining room tables, and then over the back of the easy chair, round the TV, behind the love seat, behind the other love seat…. well it didn’t happen often but when it did it was fun!

  2. Oh Laura, that is a wonderful memory! My siblings and I used to do that as kids, especially on rainy days and I always marvelled later at how tolerant my mother was ( she even let me dress up in her wedding dress complete with tennis ball boob-fillers which, at the age of 10, was a glorious experience!). Our makeshift tent building skills did not go down too well with some of the neighbourhood kids’ mothers, being told to ‘clean up that mess right now’ often. My fondest memories are of tent and cubby house building with friends and siblings. Some of our designs were quite elaborate and would stay in place for days, weather permitting. I have some great photos from the late 70’s of us as children, dressing up and tent building. Thanks for your reply Laura, it has also taken me down Memory Lane!

  3. What a lovely memory. Your house sounds a blast for kids. Great post.

    • It was! My children do have a lot of fun, with me chasing after them pulling out my hair, frazzled and….no just kidding, it’s not always that bad. Although don’t get me started on the menagerie at the moment. Thanks for reading.

  4. How wonderful that you are relaxed enough to let the tents go up. Your children will have so many memories of their lives at home and the freedom they had to have tents in the living room. Great post.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, I can still remember making tents as kids and cubby houses inside when it was raining (see my reply to Laura). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Tents equal memories – and good ones at that… we make them in the livingroom or bedrooms and they always take up all the walking space there is, whole rooms of blankets, sheets, and chairs everywhich way to hold them up. It’s the happiest times of my kid’s days – so snowdays or rainy days always bring out the tents. I treasure the chaos because one day the tents wont have to be walked around, and the house will be quiet. Enjoy every last second! 🙂

    • Christi that sounds absolutely fantastic! I totally agree with you – one day those memories are what our children will treasure when the tents and children are long gone. I will enjoy every bit of it while I still can!!! Thanks for your comment!

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