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We are well and truly in the thick of school holidays here, in Australia. I am a mother to Master 6, The Princess, Bieber and Red. I am also studying my bachelor degree in education and have an essay, an Eportfolio and two other assignments due in three weeks. My husband works night shift. It is two weeks before Christmas and we have a guest arriving from overseas on Monday that we haven’t seen in two years. These are the makings of some fairly weird, ill timed and poor choices in parenting at the moment. We have no routine, bare cupboards and children coming and going in all directions. It is complete and utter mayhem.

I am pretty certain I won’t be nominated for mother of the year. Here is why:

  • Our Christmas tree has been sitting bare for two weeks and was only assembled because The Princess dragged it out of the garage and put it together. We decorated it yesterday and afterwards decided it looks like a dog’s breakfast. Red arrived home from Rockhampton last night, took a brief look and said “Tree looks good”. I said brief
  • There is nothing under the Christmas tree except for three skipping ropes, unwrapped. I have not done any form of Christmas shopping, baking or decorating except for the tree ( and we all know how that turned out)
  • Actually, I lie…there is an advent calendar I made for the children. It is missing days 16 – 21 because Red and my husband ate the treats when I was making it. I bought more treats but never got around to make days 16-21 and the children ate the treats this afternoon when all their friends were over.
  • We have been staying up watching movies and not taking notice of the time. My husband got home from night shift at 2am and we were still awake. The children were hyped up and we were subjected to animal noises and giggling until 2.30am
  • It has been 3.5 days since my children ate vegetables

    This looks about right

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  • Getting like this

...and this

...and almost as bad as this

  • I let my children stay in their PJs until the afternoon, sleep in and eat chocolate for breakfast. So did I.

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Just like this

  • The Princess has become a better house keeper than me
  • I have not cooked a family meal in 3 days
  • Bieber had a friend over this afternoon and I forgot to shut the bathroom door. That was very nearly a horrific moment for all of us.
  • We missed our craft activity morning at the library because we stayed up, danced to music and watched movies together
  • I have not read a book to Master 6 in 7.5 days
  • We ate meals at 8pm 3 days this week
  • Bieber actually did a little shuffle on stage at his graduation ceremony after he received his senior award. I believe this is because I did not give him a pep talk beforehand and I don’t bat an eyelid when my children shuffle : in the library, car park, grocery store, hospital waiting room or wherever they feel the beat. Threshhold of acceptance = high. Setting of boundaries=low
  • Master 6 wanted to know why his clothes drawers were empty today
  • I did not know it was Friday today. All day.


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Image via

Not me

I had no clue what day it was!
  • I let The Princess talk me into letting her watch a horror movie  and then she was so scared she slept in our bed. She has not done that in 3 years.
  • We are running out of essentials. We never run out of essentials. I could not run the dishwasher tonight because there were no tablets left.

The funny thing is…I do not feel bad. I do not feel guilty( see my post Mother Guilt).  The children are smiling, laughing, enjoying themselves and pitching in with things around the home. They are capable, smart, creative, polite and respectful. My husband is not admonishing me but supporting me.  Things are not planned, regimented, ordered or even done around here. I’m OK with that.

Not me

Not me

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Comments on: "Why I won’t be nominated for mother of the year" (10)

  1. Loved this! Thanks for the laugh, glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I’m so glad I found you. Like you I won’t be getting any awards this year, unless they’re giving them out for folk that are surprised to still be standing at the end of the year of parenting, studying, caring, working, growing in my grey hair, trying to pretend I know how to be a parent to a teenage boy etc, etc. I look forward to reading more – you sound like my kinda blogger 😉

  3. Excellent post! I reckon you are on pause due to the shock of general motherhood. It never fails to shock the living daylights out of me and at this time of year, I go into brain freeze mode. The late dinner thing & lack of shopping sounds just like me. Women are programmed to feel guilty, but I say to hell with it! We do what we can, when we can & perfection is only found on Television with all the other fiction!

  4. Great post. I particularly liked your line “things are not … even done around here”. I did a mental tick against most of your list and when I step away from this computer I will no doubt continue to step over the myriad of things on the floor between here and the kitchen instead of picking them up. I see you’re in Australia! Now where can I get myself a vomiting man pen holder …

    • Thank you Ruth. Ah! The vomiting man pen holder – I will have to make a post about where these gifts are because there has been a bit of interest in them – especially the pen holder.
      Oh boy – the stuff that piles up in our home! I wonder sometimes if it’s all out to get me. I was going to write a post about that actually, but surveying my living room at the moment – there is a tent taking up the whole room with two 11 year old girls sleeping soundly inside! Methinks that might make a better post!

  5. I enjoy your sense of humor. So glad you came by to follow. I’m following you now, too.

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