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Kissing Mt Isa

Kids say the oddest things. Correction. My children say and do weird things.

My daughter’s latest is Kiss Mt Isa. I really am not game to ask The Princess what that means.

In fact I deliberately did not ask.

For those of you that are asking what or where is Mt Isa. Mt Isa is a mining town in Queensland, Australia

Yep. Still nothing. However, in their defence, I do remember saying ‘cheeky monkey’ over and over

to my mother when I was in Grade 4. The phrase became a sort of bastardised version ending up like ‘cheeny money’.

I know. We are an odd bunch.

Interestingly, the monkey theme does indeed run in the family with the eldest making chimp sounds with his

mates when they were 14. And smelly. And odd.

Have a 20 second hug today with someone you love…it releases Oxytocin the ‘cuddle drug’ and makes you feel good.

Just don’t kiss Mt Isa. I don’t know what that is yet.


Comments on: "Kissing Mt Isa" (2)

  1. Me and a friend in infants school used to sit in opposite corners of a doorway and just say “plop plop plop plop” over and over again. We would try to stay in sync with each other and start again if one of us started going too fast.

    We were really proud of ourselves and showed a couple of girls. They just looked at us as if we were idiots.

  2. So funny. The outsiders just do not understand. My mother actually threatened me with a plastic spatula one day to get me to stop.

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