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Chloe's Cupcakes

Mum, I have a book report and it’s due in tomorrow. The familiar cries of my 11 year old daughter, “The Princess”. Not again. The last minute school projects, cooking requests, parties and costume days came back to haunt me all at once. Let me recount some of my not-so-favourite last minute requests from my children:

  • Mum, I have to dress up as someone from Indonesia and can you make some Indonesian food?

(Translate to: Mum making Nasi Goreng at 9pm and rifling through the dress up box before bedtime to make a costume)

  • Mum, we are having a party for our student teacher tomorrow and can we make cupcakes for the whole class?

(Translate to: Mum washes up from the mess of 52 cupcakes in two flavours made by an 11 year old then tries to make dinner in a 15 minute marathon effort)

  • Mum, I have an assignment due tomorrow and I forgot all about it could you help me make a  presentation?

(Translate to: Mum researches and helps brainstorm after a mad dash to the travel agents for a travel brochure on New Zealand and the Newsagent for cardboard then helps make poster and presentation all before cooking dinner and while helping with other children’s homework. Living room looks like a Scrap-booking meet)

Back to the book report. A thought occurs to me. I realise all at once that if I am to help my daughter, I will have to read the book. I read the book. Five Times Dizzy. The Princess does the book report with some guidance from me. We are not having Lasagne for dinner.

This reminds me of the time my step-daughter, Dizzy Lizzy, had an essay to write on To Kill a Mockingbird in Grade 10. A story for another time perhaps, although you can well imagine.

Comments on: "Why we can’t have Lasagne for dinner." (8)

  1. Been there! Oh, the number of last-minute costumes over the years, I have lost track. I am loving your blog, btw. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  2. Hehehe… If I did that my mum would just explode. Hope you can have lasagne someday to make up for it! Maybe you should make The Princess cook it 🙂

    • Hahaha. We will and The Princess could easily cook it too. I just don’t know what my kitchen would look like afterwards. Thanks for reading Emily.

  3. Been there and done that! I have learned from the best (er…worst) and now as a teacher, I do not ask moms (because I am one) to do anything like that! Especially homework, especially like the week before Christmas, yikes, I’d be pulling my hair out! Thanks for the chuckles! Leigh

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