thought overload

First Times

First times. Gah ! They can make you excited, anxious, scared or nervous.  Maybe a combination of all. Some are inevitable, some are avoidable and some are necessary.

This first time for me is self-imposed both wanting and avoiding for what seems a lifetime.

Do I unleash what is contained in this head space? Hmmm. I don’t like risks, but I also like the saying ” live without regrets”.

Well, that wasn’t so bad then. Five lines. I can do this. I will struggle, as I always do. I am not good at sharing but my thoughts will overwhelm me if I don’t.

My first time. My first blog. I like to write, so what’s the problem? Why do I put up so many mental stop signs for myself? Hmm, thought for later.

Tell me. Tell me about a first time for you. Personally, I hate them. I endure some of them and they engulf me whilst others I cannot bear to face. This is why I don’t drive a car.

So tell me.


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